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The girl that did. Yet wouldn't do it again.
It look's like... you know... just... like that.
"A note on dozen roses" H\D, PG, Drabble. 
13th-Nov-2006 01:57 pm
H\D - passion
I'm sick and bored out of my mind so I wanted to write something, and here it is. It was wrote in a few minutes and not bated [just word's word and grammar check], so don't expect something very good.

Title: A note on dozen roses.
Author: me. A.K.A luttie.
Pairing: Harry [implied Harry\Draco].
Rating: PG.
Word's: 223
Summary: Harry comes home to find a vase with dozen roses and a note on top.
Warning: surprise, surprise, Fluff.
AN: Wrote from Harry's POV. Doesn't really have anything, including a plot or Draco, just Harry and a little note.

hope you enjoy.

When Harry entered his apartment, there was a floating vase with dozen red, beautiful roses in the middle of his living room. He didn’t need to look for a note to know from who the roses were, and a broad smile appeared on his face as he walked to the roses.

The moment his hands touched the vase, the floating charm concealed and Harry felt its weight in his hands. At the same time a note appeared from nowhere on the roses. Harry put the vase on a nearby table and proceeded to read the note.

Hello, Harry love.

I was in you’re apartment on my lunch period,
but you weren’t there and I had to go to work
again. I don’t know when I’ll be free again,
but if it not to late I’ll try to make you a
Floo call today.

Love you, Draco.

Thought Harry knew that he wont hear from Draco till tomorrow, he knew it wasn’t Draco’s fault, and the fact that he at least tried to see him made Harrys heart increase with love and happiness.

Still with a broad smile on his lips, Harry turned the note and quickly wrote his brief yet sincere reply:

Love you, too, my dragon love.

Yours, Harry.

And soon, the note was on its way to Draco on Hedwig’s leg.

The End

And another thing. Not long ago, I was having doubts if to include rec in my journal. Like I said, I'm sick and bored, so I decided that I would include recs on this journal. So, once a week on Friday's I'll post one or more recs. this week i'll do it today [and maybe friday too], but a little bit later. ^^
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